•   1. la loteria/featured book design/illustration



    La Loteria is a magical tale revolving around a small rural village in 1920’s Mexico and the teenage residents, Miguel and Maria. In the story an evil wizard lives in a mountain cave, seducing Maria with an enchanted chicken dinner. Miguel, along with his father and Maria’s witch mother, Ivy, attempt to save Maria. Leading to many miss-adventures.


    The book is hand-made, written, ilustrated and designed by Larry Goode.

  •   2. backwoods/featured art direction/design



    Backwoods offers clothing, equipment and expertise to help customers fulfill their travel plans with a range adventures such as hiking, trekking, fishing, climbing, camping, trail running, kayaking, paddling, adventure trips and yoga.


    I designed a number of key collateral elements to define a new graphic direction for the company.




  •   3. digital design/a selection of pixels

  •   4. print design/various ink on paper

  •   5. look up/featured book design

  •   6. burton's big adventure/featured book design



    I love my dog, Burton. And I love picture books. So I combined the two into Burton's Big Adventure. It is the story of the magic Chinese Crested dog, "Burton", and his adventures traveling in Italy. Here are a few of the pages from the book.


    Silver Award - Austin Ad Federation, 2013

    Judges Choice Award - Texas State University MFA Show, 2012.

  •   7. posters/a happy sampling

  •   8. identity design/various logos

  •   9. book design/a few more

  • 10. illustration/a collection of concept in pictures


Greetings from Larry Goode! I am an illustrator, designer, and conceptual artist, living in Austin, Texas.


Twenty five years experience in design, including:

Print Management

Print Design

Digital Design

Art Direction


Operation of a Design Firm — including managing a team of designers

Sales and Client Relations

Eleven Years Teaching Design and Illustration





Past and present clients include:

Computerworld Magazine, Heresy, CNN, MacWorld, Inc. Magazine, REX, Austin Community College, Ladies Home Journal, University of Texas, Fast Company, Atlanta Magazine, and Holt McDougal, Dell, Motorolla, Texas Association of School Boards, Tribeza Magazine.


Teaching Experience:

Texas State University, Austin Community College


Awards include:

Dallas Society of Visual Communication, Austin Ad Federation, CA Magazine, New York Society of Illustrators, Creative Summit, Texas State University

Larry Goode

2014 Brentwood St

Austin, Texas  78757